Sunday, May 26, 2013

Can Do

What to do when you are bored.
Write a poem.
Write about a work of art
an album; a movie; a picture; a story; a sport.
Make a work of art
a song; an album
a movie; a film
a picture; a painting; a story.
A sport.
Go for a walk; a hike; a trek.
Ride your bike
make love to someone
the best way you know how.
Visit when you feel so inclined.

Look at something for an extended period of time
and think about it. Concentrate.
Play a game, any game.
When you feel the confusing urge,
tidy up around you,
preferably with music you truly love.
If it is warm, and sometimes when it is cold
go for a swim wherever you can.
Night swimming too. It can be wonderful.
Play dress up occasionally
and remember to laugh.
Hopefully, you will not have to remember to laugh.
Playfully wrestle with a partner you trust.

Read a book you think you may like.
Read a book you know you love.
Learn something about the world whenever you can.
Learn a new skill; learn a new idea; learn a knew feeling.
Stretch when your body needs it.
Stretch when your mind needs it.
Make some noise when you want.
Do not waste your time off  being completely off,
cherish it, respect it, and everything else.
Thank you.

Aaron C. Molden

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