Thursday, May 21, 2015

Free Speech

Banning what one can write or say
will never ban what one can think.
Thinking is inevitable
and it only hurts those
who do not understand.
that the words they so recently
read or heard
are just that: words, ideas.
Everyone of us
has everything we are capable of
within us, somewhere.
Guilt is the plight of the self-aware,
the human.
This is a burden as well as a skill.
And it is not the definition of smart.
It is the definition of aware.

Aaron C. Molden

Monday, May 18, 2015

In The Canopy

In the canopy, the city disappears
beneath the trees.
The low hum of the cars on the highway
can be heard through the rustle of the leaves.
Thankfully, facing south,
they are not seen from the canopy.
The wind is persistent
in it's general flux in direction.
Swinging this way and that.
The tree branches move;
the inconsistent, but gentle lull
of your mother's arms.
It is lovely in the canopy.
I don't think I could have picked a better home;
fourth branches up, here in the canopy.
It is so much higher
than anyone's home I know around here.
It is all branches and trees,
pastel flowers and leaves,
with a nice view of the river.
At night, I watch the stars burst
in the midnight sky,
wishing always
you were here with me.
Be well and know I am happy here
as I hope you are there.

Aaron C. Molden

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Here I somethings you may not know about me:
    I have never thrown a decent birthday party, nor do I ever intend to unless it happens I want to cook a certain person something delicious. I'm simply not big on decorations.
    I do not give presents to people on specific dates very often, but I do dole them out regularly, sometimes even to strangers. Speaking of which, who wants a book by Bill Bryson? You will not be disappointed.
    I enjoy sitting on the floor. Much of the time I prefer it. It has a native feel to it anywhere you happened to be, except for maybe a swamp that is lacking a raised deck. Watery weeds are basically eels or snake if you can only feel them.
    I do not enjoy talking about sex all of the time. Although I do like talking about sex regularly, even to the point of vulgarity. It simply becomes tiresome and unoriginal if that is the only topic one seems able to address; similar to weather as a topic in a way.
    I do not believe a movie is over after you finish watching it for the first time. This is actually true of all story-telling. There are no new ideas, only variations in telling them in a new way.
    I value the virtue of mythology beyond entertaining people with stories that seem unreal and wholly fantastical.
    I am conscious of my use of prefixes and suffixes. I also am rather anal retentive about correct spelling, and am slightly anxious of my understanding of proper grammar. By contradiction, I rather enjoy receiving words from women I like that are intentionally misspelled due to coyness; etymologically speaking, it can makes me blush.
    Most of the time, I am okay with being alone. Many times, I prefer it. In nearly thirty years, not a thing has changed that. Some have tried to take that part of my mind away. It is not a good idea because so far -eventually or suddenly- it has only ended badly.
    I prefer biking over any other transport: then walking, then canoeing, then commuting, and lastly driving. I would say I hate driving, but in all actuality I do enjoy driving occasionally, so long as it is through at least a scenic forest or glen; mountains and oceans I particularly prize and horses always improve a view.
    People have the ability to hurt me on many levels, but that, as of yet, has failed to kill me. Some day I suppose. So far, so good.

Aaron C. Molden