Thursday, May 7, 2015


Here I somethings you may not know about me:
    I have never thrown a decent birthday party, nor do I ever intend to unless it happens I want to cook a certain person something delicious. I'm simply not big on decorations.
    I do not give presents to people on specific dates very often, but I do dole them out regularly, sometimes even to strangers. Speaking of which, who wants a book by Bill Bryson? You will not be disappointed.
    I enjoy sitting on the floor. Much of the time I prefer it. It has a native feel to it anywhere you happened to be, except for maybe a swamp that is lacking a raised deck. Watery weeds are basically eels or snake if you can only feel them.
    I do not enjoy talking about sex all of the time. Although I do like talking about sex regularly, even to the point of vulgarity. It simply becomes tiresome and unoriginal if that is the only topic one seems able to address; similar to weather as a topic in a way.
    I do not believe a movie is over after you finish watching it for the first time. This is actually true of all story-telling. There are no new ideas, only variations in telling them in a new way.
    I value the virtue of mythology beyond entertaining people with stories that seem unreal and wholly fantastical.
    I am conscious of my use of prefixes and suffixes. I also am rather anal retentive about correct spelling, and am slightly anxious of my understanding of proper grammar. By contradiction, I rather enjoy receiving words from women I like that are intentionally misspelled due to coyness; etymologically speaking, it can makes me blush.
    Most of the time, I am okay with being alone. Many times, I prefer it. In nearly thirty years, not a thing has changed that. Some have tried to take that part of my mind away. It is not a good idea because so far -eventually or suddenly- it has only ended badly.
    I prefer biking over any other transport: then walking, then canoeing, then commuting, and lastly driving. I would say I hate driving, but in all actuality I do enjoy driving occasionally, so long as it is through at least a scenic forest or glen; mountains and oceans I particularly prize and horses always improve a view.
    People have the ability to hurt me on many levels, but that, as of yet, has failed to kill me. Some day I suppose. So far, so good.

Aaron C. Molden

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