Monday, August 25, 2014

To America: August 2014

America, please.
I do not want to idealistically see us as foes.
Despite everything I see
and everything I hear
and everything I read
and ruminate on and come to conclusions with,
I still feel the red-blooded desire
to be understood as a person through you,
My one nation under God.
The problem is, I am wounded and worried
and anxious of the choices that the powers that be are making.
These; executive, legislative, judicial.
Law and order with liberty and justice for all, right?
We are all assuming animal's, I know this.
We naturally look for trends and reoccurring themes
in life and people and places; in everything.
We have biases, prejudices, flaws, perceptions.
It is one of the things that make us different
(all humans, not only Americans)
but, America, I will never feel full and vital
with  patriotic pride unless we hold on our belief
that all of us
are living, breathing, thinking, loving, discerning human beings
with dreams, aspiration, desires (even if they are simple or petty.)
Who can trust the institution it was hopefully raised to respect
and trust that it has their best interests in mind.
I'm not turning a blind eye or a deaf ear.
I am not naive, but I do at least try to hold on to the belief
that every sudden and unexpected death is tragedy, always.
Everyone is someone's child.
If you cannot see that, America,
Then I am afraid you have lost your humanity,
but it doesn't have to remain that way.

Aaron C. Molden

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  1. Please repair the desecration by redoing the painting OVER the red paint. What a. Strong statement that would make!