Monday, December 1, 2014

Caught in the Rain

For the life of me I cannot tell you
why my thoughts always return to you.
Everything I'm thinking of
while walking or riding,
but always still thinking,
inevitably return to thinking of you.
It makes the pedestrian in me,
who still gets caught in the rain,

It was raining when I had you so close
and it is raining now.
This is one way of getting caught in the rain
and that is another.

Most of my day was spent reading
about ancient Greeks (Mycenaeans)
and cleaning laundry.
I was waiting for the clouds to finally burst.
I tired of waiting; decided to take a gamble,
and ride my bike to the library.
I saw the wall of rain moving towards me
down State Street. The clearly defined front
of pouring rain was overtaking
the mere firmament of drizzle above me.

I tried to ride it out,
but it over took the meteorology
I was occupying.
There I was, caught in the rain,
but not at all upset;
awaiting a wane in the precipitation
under the awning of the market
down the the street from my house;
drenched with rainwater and smiling like a fool

I was told recently, if you are in Russia
and you smile an unprovoked smile at a stranger
you are generally regarded as an insane person.

When the down pour returned to a drizzle
I decided to walk my bike
the five or six blocks it was to my house.
Since I began writing, the rain has stopped.
My thoughts of you have not. Lucky me.

Aaron C. Molden

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