Thursday, July 2, 2015

8 Quotes, Both Real and Imagined

"The Pseudo-Modernist communicates constantly with the other side of the planet, yet needs to be told to eat his or her vegetables to be healthy, a fact self evident in the Bronze age. He or she can direct the course of national television programmes, but does not know how to make him or her something to eat -a characteristic fusion of the childish and the advanced, the powerful and the helpless."
-Dr. Allen King, PhD

"The psychological effects of literary anything that can happen to someone, be it traumatic or mundane, seem able to incite adverse results on nearly anyone, given they are in a specific state of mind at the time."
-Chet Brentman, Psychology Undergrad

"Humans, at their core, are fuckers, killers, liars, and assholes who trust the latter three, so long as they can live more comfortably because of them.
   What's messed up is that they're still capable of feats and feelings of love, devotion, and occasionally, self-sacrifice.
    Beyond that, depending on where they are in life, they are also capable of defeating their established bids of nobility with the temptations of fucking, killing, lying to, or trusting those who willfully lie to them, so long as the willful liar (or liars) make them feel comfortable enough not to react.
    It also helps if they are not quite comfortable enough to completely relax. Their fear and anxiety is abstract and possibly unknown within their conscious mind-frame. They imagine a vague threat when they are not otherwise preoccupied and try to imagine how to destroy that fear if it remains persistent."
-Stan the drunk, reaching lucidity at the bar

"I need the ecstasy of seeing your smiling face to maintain my day to day life."
-A person in love

"A pretentious person is an individual who judges another persons character based on their taste. It doesn't mean there isn't an ideal aesthetic. It means that the person does not know or care about aesthetics. And I assure you they will most likely know something to an extent beyond your knowledge, despite whether you care or not. You will care sometimes."
-An art history professor who bought you a drink

"A tile on my bathroom floor looks like Nebraska, but could that matter in the broad scope of things?"
-A person taking a shit without a smartphone

"I start tomorrow on the Paris book: first person, uncensored, formless -fuck everything!"
-Henry Miller

I grieve for all animal life I have killed. The scale ranges from 1 to 10, and these grievances have not stopped me from eating meat."

Aaron C. Molden

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