Sunday, September 13, 2015


Humanity's religion is greed and pride.
My religion is humanity, but not as it is.
It is a humanity I foolishly believe
we are capable of achieving.
I did not create this religion.
I believe I stand on the shoulders
of flawed and troubled genius's
whose disappointment with humanity
could not sway their love for it.
The shoulders of those tested for their beliefs
because they had no use for greed
and believed that pride is something earned,
not assumed.
The shoulders of those who would choose
a view of the mountains
over a one hundred dollar bill,
and would never believe anyone
should have to pay a premium for such a view.
There are legacies of pride.
There are legacies of greed.
There are legacies of those
who have found success in greed and pride,
but still remain unfulfilled.
Then there are the legacies left behind
by these genius's, whose shoulders
I feebly stand upon with these words,
that give me the ability to continue believing,
foolishly, in humanity.

Aaron C. Molden

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