Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reset, Writing, and Mythology


We suffer from the dread
of the total obliteration of mankind.
We are in some form of arms race.
We are living in the 1950's again.
How we stopped worrying
and loved the bomb.
What is the new bomb?
Maybe we are living in 1962.
The next 8 years maybe really sexy.
History is simply a game of catch
between sex and violence.
When that toss reaches it's peak
scholars refer to it as a Renaissance.
We may be set for a reset.


Writing is not radio
which is not television
which is not cinema
which is not video games.
Writing is not always articles
and not always stories
and not always novels
and not even always video games.
Writing maybe nothing as of present.
Writing maybe laziness now.
Writing may not be work.
Writing maybe a depressing way to avoid work.
Writing maybe both lazy and imbalanced.
I am writing and reading
and rewriting and rereading
when I could simply be
playing video games.
Times are changing,
but they also remain the same.


In movies, even the awkward genius gets laid,
right before he dies of a tragic death beyond his control.
The real moral of every mythology that has ever existed
is that if you are an awkward genius, take control.
Take control in order to avoid a tragic death.
Absolve yourself of a tragic death in order to live.
Lay that fate upon the hopeless hero
because he will believe that death is glory. Sucker.
Hallowed be thy name.

Aaron C. Molden, 2012

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