Monday, September 23, 2013

Art Bust

Art Bust

    Alright, alright, break it up. You over there, put down the paint brush. That doesn't even look like a flower.
     A what? It's a face? Man, you're lucky I showed up.
     Hey kid, stop singing. No one wants to hear it and even if they did they can't understand what you are saying.
    I  have the floor now.

    Now, all of you know you don't have a permit to be doing what you are doing here. I'm looking at you guys over in the drum circle. And the dance circle while I'm at it. And the table working on collages, you know we still allow scrap-booking here, so clean up your act and join the club for a reasonable fee of twenty dollars a month. Anyways, all of you know -and if you don't let me be the first to inform you- you can't be developing personal or reflective expressions (art as some call it, whatever that is suppose to mean) unless you have the proper permit. I don't care if it is on your own time. I don't care if you're not making any money off of it. What I care about is that it is against the law unless you have a permit.
    Hey! Hey you over there. Don't think I can't see you. Were you doodling in your notebook while I was talking? You see, this is the whole problem. How can we know what you're doodling over there? All you have to do is purpose your idea to city counsel, let them discuss the proposal and respond back to you in three to six weeks, reconvene, discuss it again, and then vote on whether you can doodle your proposed doodle in your notebook, but only after the residing authority figure has said what they intend to say. Is that so hard, doodler?
    What's that? Are you being a smart ass? Fine, dancers, take his pen away.
    See, they know who the authority is here and that is why there will always be dancers.

    Wait! Natasha. Come on, don't be like this. I was only joking. Natasha. Come on Natasha, I thought you could take a joke. Baby, I'm kidding, I love what you do. Come on baby, I'm working.
    Fine. Leave. I don't care.

    Anyways. You guys know you're in the wrong here. The law is the law. I was going to just give you guys a warning, but the doodler over there ruined it for all of you.
    Don't even think about it, drum circle! I have a taser as well as a gun. I can bring you down faster than you guys can bring your palms down to the skin of your drum head. I can incapacitate you without serious damage if that is what I have to do.
    Sue, please stop trying to fix your already glued collage. Just get back to the scrapbooking club and no one will say a word.
    Where did that young singer go? I guess he snuck out when I saw you, doodler. You can't understand what he's saying anyways. Yeah she's understandable, I know, but... Whatever.
    Where'd that flower guy go? What? A head? Really? I guess I'll take him, I guess. A head? Really? There is something wrong with you, kid.

    You know I don't want to have to come back here. All of you be more careful and let me... let us know if you see that singing kid again. You too, doodler.
    What? I don't know. That's not my problem. Why don't you go home and watch TV or play videogames? While were at it, hand me that notebook, I'll dispose of it promptly. Oh, real mature, I don't even look like that. Just for that you're coming with me and flower over here.
    Everyone else. I better not catch you guys doing this without a permit again.

Aaron C. Molden

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