Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Do Not Fully Understand Metaphysics: A Collage

"Aesthetics, for me, is what ornithology must be to the birds."
-An Abstract Expressionist

"I'm not one who gives in to the notion of visual omens and portents very often. But watching a flock of turkey buzzards circle above an art museum packs a pretty powerful aesthetic wallop on a partly cloudy September day."

This is a sentence I hate:
Postmodern polytheism in a neo-romantic sociopolitical and environmental American environment in the twenty first century.
And I wrote it.

This is a poem I hate:
I fucked around with sketchy dudes.
I smoked weed in your house.
I read books believed to be subversive.
I fucked and used people
to get my way.
I ran back to you.
Have we reached seven lines yet?
And I wrote it.

I like haiku because it cuts away the fat of words:
nature does not judge
it does not know how to judge
it acts on instinct

I rarely act on word play on several levels unless it is all I have to work with:
cellar door
sell her door
sheller boar
shell her bore
keller store
hell and more
bell or yore
tell her more
sell the store
smell her core
fell and more
-excellent exercise everyone-
tore the bore
smelled her core
sell your store
more and more
more and more and more
more and more and more and more
(the bell rings)
-thank you aaron i'll get back to you next semester remember to read the homework i assigned everyone-

Bullshit written to pass the time:
If I am in the right mood
I could probably steal your girlfriend,
but I don't want to steal your girlfriend.
Unless I have to...
Devious cyclical thoughts.

And this:
I am not trying to hurt you,
but you clearly do not love me
for who I am.
That's fine,
but you don't have to
destroy me.
I don't want to be destroyed.
Do you?
A loaded question.

This too:
Andy Warhol always answered honestly unless he was afraid.

Notes on Song of Songs:
I don't say this enough:
-You are beautiful.
-You are cute.
-Your ass looks great.
-Your smile calms me.
-Your smile agitates and excites me.
-Your hair is a natural wonder.
-I want your mouth, your face, your lips, your body pressed against me.
-I want to touch you.
-I want you to touch me
-I want to press against you.
-I want to touch your body: press it, grope it, lay upon it, have it laying upon me, make it one with mine, even for a short time in the cosmic scale of things.
(damn it!)
-I want to stare at you, examine you, study you and your body, your beautiful body and your face, your beautiful face, both calm and flush and all which lies between the two.
-I want to appreciate the in between of the two.
-Note: the four: north, south, east, west, and all else in between.
-Note: the other two which makes six: up and down.
-Note: one more makes seven: everything in between that is so hard to define.
-They are "twin fawns of a gazelle."

Define Joy:
1) Joy is discovering something you know you will love forever.
2) Joy is waking up next to someone you always wanted to wake up next to and feeling no guilt or anxiety.
3) Joy is the static energy in an over crowded car filled only with people you want to be over crowded by. All of you drift down a country road in the middle of the night, heading nowhere and anywhere.
4) Joy is discussing something you are usually afraid to bring up and finding interested listeners; interested listeners with something to say about this something being discussed. Even if there are opposing opinions, the discussion continues through waves of anxiety, eventually residing back to joy.
5) Joy is witnessing.
6) Joy is instigating.
7) Joy is spontaneously acting on the usually unfathomable urge to sing a song you know or wrote or made up on the spot. DANCE FOR YOURSELF IF NO ONE WILL DANCE WITH YOU!
8) Joy is listening to a friend, stoned as you all were, singing every verse to Old Man River, their favorite song. They sang A cappella while everyone paused, rapt by the voice and the gut wrenching words they sang.
9) Joy is kissing her and she kisses you back.
10) Joy is seeing something you have made turn into something you are proud to have made.
11) Joy is finding a beautiful place where you never expected to find a beautiful place.
12) Joy is the expectation of an encounter with something beautiful and being justified with an encounter with something that is indeed beautiful, such defines "overjoyed."
13) Joy can also be a game.

Ah! I knew I'd finally get there!

Aaron C. Molden

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