Monday, November 18, 2013

Autumn Day, Autumn Night


What a dismal day.
Over sleeping through the dwindling sunshine
blanketed by the clouds of grays and blues.
Walking, pedaling, no where, no destination
reading, thinking, sitting, meditating
waiting for you.


I was stopped by a police officer last night.
I was walking her home after a night of irresponsible drinking.
It was a very enjoyable night for me.
The officer asked if we had been drinking.
I said I was escorting her home
because she had too much to drink.
She lives right around the corner
from where we were standing.
The police officer asked for our licences
and went to his car to check them.
"Another cop car." She said.
"Anytime they stop someone
they have to call for back up here." I explained.
She sat down on the curb.
She told me to sit with her. I did.
The police officer asked me if I was really taking her home.
I explained she lived around the corner.
"Okay." The police officer turned to her.
"Next time don't drink so much."
"My boyfriend died." She said.
The officer's face twitched for a moment.
"Okay." He repeated.
"Next time don't drink so much."
In front of her house hugged and rocked her.
"I don't know why I don't love you." She said.
Her boyfriend died.
I text her -made it home safe.
Sweet dreams beautiful Bailey.-
When I got home
then tried to write something,
but I could think of nothing to write.


What a dismal day, today.
I hope the show this evening is good.
I could use a good show.
Jonathan Richman.
I still hope and worry she is okay.
Good grief.
Ken Burns has his finger on the pulse
of the United States with documentary movies
Funded by the Public Broadcasting Systems.
There is something beyond this worth exploring.

Aaron C. Molden

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