Thursday, November 21, 2013


Wanting to start new.
Disrobing the burden of memory
 and entering the world
curious, confused, intrigued again.
No worry of annihilation.
No understanding of annihilation.
A mushroom cloud.
A vaporized high rise or household,
grainy black and white images
of possible nuclear holocaust, decades before me.
Do not tell me fear is not taught in this country.
Do not lie to me because they are not my memories.
I was shown these things,
I was taught these things,
I understand now and thank my elders.
Two towers collapse, that is a memory,
a memory understood finally through fruition.
I want to trust something even if I trust little.
What can you trust?
Love, family, self, others, close others.
Things that represent love, family, others, close others.

Better living through chemistry.
Whose chemistry? Mans chemistry.
Sarin gas, Agent Orange, Napalm, Mustard gas, chloroform
awful venom of man.
Better living through technology.
Whose technology? Mans technology.
Drones, IEDs, fighter jets, tanks
fortresses, warships, war boats,
leviathans of all kinds
flying, moving, floating,
remaining sedentary, decaying,
rebuilding, always feeding the little things around it,
damaged for now, but not dead.
There will always be a big white whale
and  it is always willing to end you
if it feels the need. It can erase history if you let it.

It is natural.
Whose nature? Mans nature.
You love your family, you love your friends.
You love the things you do, the things you have,
the things you think and feel.
You love some more than others.
You love the things you make
and the things you experience
even if not always, not always.
You have favorite things.
Pen, paper, bike, shoes, shirt
coat, bag, green apple, book,
whatever you have on when you awake
unless it is too worn for comfort.
The ones you love always
even if they are gone.
You carry them with you always.
Water. Oil if you need it.
Water and oil still fuel you.
As does salt and vinegar.
You are going to be fine. For now.

Aaron C. Molden

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