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April 20th, 2013: Stream of Consciousness


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April 20th, 2013: Stream of Consciousness

    Rain fell over Indiana for twelve hours straight, changing this modern thinking midwestern city into a guaranteed moment in history so long as someone is bothering to archive these sights sounds and words  somewhere safe. Houses are flooded, possibly irreparable damage or inevitable change in something, possibly everything, yes, oh yes, Spring is in the air.
    I remember a trickling stream that dribbles down a sinkhole. Whispering Falls in Williamsport, Indiana after such a torrential down pour such as there was 48 hours prior to now must no longer be whispering. Now, right now, it is a roaring geyser, a force of nature has once again been given momentum. Such serene scenes must be given the right to roar unexpectedly and every great architect must know this if they hope to truly master their craft.
    I need to see it, this Not-So-Whispering Falls before it loses such sheer momentum as it inevitably will. I need to remember it as I have remembered it before in its utterly natural audacity. Many before me may have believed this a once in a lifetime opportunity, while I can simply pedal my bike or hop into my car and be there within an hour. Barely a pilgrimage at all to an unsung force of nature at its awe inspiring best.
    I need to see this beautiful accident soon and I want to be with someone who will appreciate it as much as I. I do not want to be alone. I am rarely alone in these times. I am rarely alone in this place April 20th, 2013, Lafayette Indiana, The United States of America, The Earth, The Solar System, The Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe. From the now flooded river with the name that means "white sand" or "pure white." WaapaahÅ¡iiki. I believe this flood will prove this rivers name and meaning. Hidden white dunes of sand in narrow lines and clusters of big barked monoliths of life and death and life once more when protected but not smothered by their big barked monoliths of life and death. When viewed from above these monoliths become serpentine to the river's life giving ability. Water. The fields this river, with its rooted wood walls, slither through no longer require the river's water. These fields of corn and soy are watered with mechanical innovation and chemical sterilization and genetic modification. Homogeneous by design. These crops do not need the river's water. Part could thrive from that water. Part could die from that water. Most of the homogeneous crop tolerate the small dunes of white sand that collect somehow beyond the trees. I can see the organization in it. Allow the river to unexpectedly surge from time to time. Every great architect must know, but I need to see this waterfall, so simple to see again. It will bring me peace for awhile if not forever. Because it falls.
    I pawed at a beautiful creature after the rain subsided. I kissed her and pressed her against me. She pawed at me leaving lovely little scratches and bruises on my arms and chest. She smiled at me and called me beautiful. For a moment I tried to explain why she was so much more beautiful than I, but decided instead to clink my front teeth against hers in a clumsy attempt to make our lips once again meet. I continue to think about her beautiful smiling face when she was both below me and above me. In the morning, the only thing to do was embrace each other in wonderfully variant positions as we smiled and giggled and kissed and pressed against each other cheek to cheek for as long as we could allow due to what must be a sense of midwestern modesty. She makes me feel like a a beautiful creature. I feel good.
Let us see water fall.
Thank you.

Aaron C. Molden

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