Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zeitgeist: Weather


Zeitgeist posts are first person accounts of various subjects that strike me enough in my day to day life to write about. The title maybe ironic, only time will tell.


Yesterday I told Jacob 
that the weather was nice enough
 to prop open the entrance door to the shop.
He told me it was too cold.
Sunshine flooded the ground.
Sunshine flooded all on the ground.
Sunshine flooded all emerging from the ground.
Sunshine flooded all moving on the ground.
Sunshine flooded all floating above the ground.
It was fifty degrees Fahrenheit and slightly breezy.
It was the most beautiful day I could remember.
I realized  how different I am 
compared to many people, 
good or bad or in between.
It was certainly not too cold for me.

I do not understand why people look forward to summer.
If you are not in school,
you are dealing with the same situation
in a hotter environment.
It is a time of laziness
and I rarely look forward to being lazy.
The best thing about summer is the tomatoes.
Summer is the time I wish to be a fish.

I do not know anyone 
who openly looks forward to winter.
Many people look forward to the first snow,
and possibly also the first snow that sticks.
Snowball fights and sliding down icy slopes
is also something to look forward to,
but these delights seem based 
only on hypothesis of late.
The only guarantee for winter here is gray,
everything else is left to fate.
I am rarely nostalgic of winter time,
but I have a few memories. Good memories.
Most of these memories involve girls
which makes them all the more wonderful.

The time to be here is in the in between.
I feel perpetually in between things.
In spring nature is in between living,
it is concentrated on growing.
In fall nature is in between dying,
it is concerned with showing.
My favorite times.
Everything is so effortlessly beautiful.
Spring is occasionally obnoxious
and overbearing.
Fall is is occasionally dismal
and unsympathetic.
Yet, through it all,
they remain constantly and effortlessly
beautiful until they are gone.
It is worth it.

What did Jacob have
that kept him from feeling
the overwhelming need
to swing the door open
and let that beautiful day in?
Whatever it was, it seemed to be on his phone.

Aaron C. Molden

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