Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zeitgeist: Love Poem


    Zeitgeist posts are first person accounts of various subjects that strike me enough in my day to day life to write about. The title maybe ironic, only time will tell.

A Love Poem

A man stands on a sidewalk
                            next to his motorcycle,
                     a sleek black grumbler of a thing.
                               He wears a black leather Jacket
                                                                         Levi Jeans
                                                                and pointed bike boots.
                                                                    He is defiantly middle aged
                                                                       A gray wolf with a strong jaw.
                                                                       Or I imagine him with a strong jaw.
                               His head is sloped downward towards what is in his hand.
                                                                                                A phone.
                 He is a stoic rock that slithers with his eyes and fingers.
              He desperately paws at his phone with his fingers
desperately scans what his fingers access with his eyes.
He waits for your response on this utterly beautiful day
                              next to his proud contraption
    clutching his last connection to you.

What are you doing?
          What are you doing to make me question
                                           the self respect that keeps me
                                                         from desperately pawing at the phone in my pocket
                                                                                       which gives me shamefully easy access to you
                                                                       if I slip as this lone wolf with a motorcycle has?
                                                        I do not give in.
                     It is too beautiful outside to ruin either of our days.
                                                  There is sunshine and a cool breeze.
                            Momentarily, I think of stealing his motorcycle
                                          riding through the night
                           sweeping you up
        where I find you
      and take this romance to its end.

Every time I have done this,
and I have done just such things
in much less romantic ways, in the past
I was met with fiasco. Every time.
I decide to enjoy the beautiful day
as I stroll pass the mentally caged
beast with a beautiful bike.
I ponder the hubris
 of that momentary thought.
                                          I hope it is a beautiful day for you
                                                                                             Please keep smiling your beautiful smile.                                                                                                

Aaron C. Molden

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