Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Some Poetry Attempts


    I have been writing a lot of esoteric things of late and four of these things seemed at least a little cohesive in my head. I have decided to post them on my blog.

Four Poetry Attempts on the Seven Deadly Sins

Weapons of mass destruction
sounds like a cliche.
What a terrifying world
where that is a cliche.

Punk in Free Verse
Sex and Violence.
I am tired of a world
of only sex and violence.
I am tired of sex being a mantra.
I am tired of violence being a mantra.
I am tried of drugs being a mantra.
I am tired of money being a mantra.
I am tired of mantras.
I am tired of trying to find my mantra.
I am tired of this subliminally
self imposed caste system
telling my young dumb brain
to find the perfect mantra.
What I do, what I make, what I try
should be my mantra.
It should leave me with no need for a mantra.
This is a long mantra.
I think it is about time I face the facts.
I'm not a punk.

A Prose Poem/Experimental Blogging

Raymond Carver and Charles Bukowski
got drunk one night and wrote out a vague layout
for the websites 4Chan and Reddit.

4Chan was Bukowskis idea.
Reddit was Carver.

They both had the same idea,
but they needed different things.
They needed something other than Facebook.

Why does this make sense?
Hustler and Playboy.

Why does this make sense?
UFC and NFL.

Why does this make sense?
Seven Eleven and Whole Foods.

Does this make sense?
Viagra and Valium.

Make Sense?
Bail out

Pride and Envy
Envy is a waste of time that is easy to fall in love with.
Envy is too easy to fall in love with.
I am alive and I can do this all I want,
I am thankful for that and my family and my friends.
If any of this is taken away from me,
that is when I will waste my time on envy.

Pride does not explain this.
Pride is what is shouted on the streets
not what is typed on a keyboard.

Okay. It's kind of pride.
Blog-Pride, my gift to the lexicon.

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